The Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee meets twice annually, in spring and fall, and rotates the meetings between Bozeman, MT, and Cody and Jackson, WY.  GYCC meetings generally include public and executive sessions.  The public sessions are open to anyone to attend and we look forward to seeing you there!

Save these key GYCC dates in 2019:

Past GYCC Meetings

GYCC 2014-2015 Public Conversations

05/26/15, Letter to all Participants from GYCC Chair Joe Alexander (238 kB pdf)



Recent and Upcoming Subcommittee Meetings:

  • 2/12/19: Wildlife Subcommittee Meeting, West Yellowstone, MT

  • 3/6/19: Clean Air Subcommittee, Conference Call

  • 3/13/19: Aquatic Invasive Species Train the Trainer, Jackson, WY

  • 3/14/19: Native Fisheries Subcommittee, Bozeman MT

  • 3/14/19: Hydrology Subcommittee, Conference Call

  • 5/1/19: Aquatic Invasive Species Subcommittee Meeting, West Yellowstone, MT

  • 5/1-2/19: Terrestrial Invasive Species Subcommittee Meeting

  • 6/4/19: Hydrology Subcommittee Meeting, Bozeman, MT

  • 6/5/19: Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool Workshop, Bozeman MT

  • 6/13/19: Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool Workshop, Alpine WY

  • 7/10/19: Wildlife Subcommittee Meeting, West Yellowstone, MT