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Aquatic Invasive Species


The GYA Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Cooperative formed to prevent and control infestations of Aquatic Invasive Species in Greater Yellowstone waters. The Cooperative includes representatives from federal, state, and county agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses.


Chair - Chad Whaley, Fisheries Biologist and AIS Program Coordinator, Grand Teton National Park,


What you can do to stop invasives

CLEAN - Remove all plants, animals, and mud from your boat, anchor, boots, and other equipment before you enter and after you leave the water. If traveling to another body of water, rinse equipment and boat hulls with high-pressure hot water at a hot water wash station.

DRAIN - Before leaving the area, drain all the water from your boat, including the motor, bilge, livewell, ballast, hull, and anything else that traps water. Leave drain plugs out during transport.

DRY - Dry all compartments and equipment completely before entering another body of water.

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