Terrestrial Invasive Species


The GYA Terrestrial Invasive Species Committee includes invasive species coordinators from each GYA unit, county weed and pest staff, BLM and other state, county and federal weed managers who work together on common inventories, establishment of cooperative weed management areas, development of best management practices, creation of education and information materials and integrated management to manage and prevent the spread of noxious weeds.


Chair - Lesley Beckworth, Teton County Weed and Pest, lbeckworth@tcweed.org

Co-Chair - Jason Brengle, Shoshone National Forest, jasonmbrengle@fs.fed.us


GYA Weed Map and Database

Best Management Practices for the Control of Spreading Noxious Weeds (1.35 MB pdf)

Why Should I Care about Noxious Weeds?  (1.3 MB pdf)

Weed Pocket Guide  (7.4 MB pdf)

GYCC Invasive Species Gravel Pit Program 2009 Report  (1.5 MB pdf)