Whitebark Pine

PURPOSE/MISSION: The mission of the Whitebark Pine Subcommittee is to help ensure the long-term viability and function of whitebark pine in the GYA.


Chair: Emily Guiberson, BLM Dillon Field Office (Montana), eguibers@blm.gov

Co-Chair: Avery Beyer, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, abeyer@fs.fed.us 



  • Whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) is a keystone species of high elevation ecosystems in the Greater Yellowstone area (GYA), and is currently at significant risk from the combined effects of insects, the introduced disease white pine blister rust, climate change and successional replacement throughout its range, and is under review by USFWS for potential listing under the Endangered Species Act, with a decision document due in 2019.

  • In the face of an acute threat to a critical long-lived species, the GYCC Whitebark Pine Subcommitee is actively implementing the Whitebark Pine Strategy for the Greater Yellowstone Area (2011) with its associated Adaptive Action Plan – Whitebark Pine in the Greater Yellowstone Area (2015). Ongoing actions include extensive protection and restoration efforts, such as cone collection and planting across the GYA, and the establishment of a GYGT seed orchard and clone bank on the Custer-Gallatin NF.

  • The GYCC Whitebark Pine Subcommittee includes a minimum of one representative from each GYCC agency and collaborates extensively with the research community and partners such as the Whitebark Pine Ecosytem Foundation and other non-government/non-profit organizations.  The Forest Service, Park Service, BLM, and Fish and Wildlife Service renewed their commitment for another five years in an MOU signed by regional officials in March 2017.



Whitebark Pine in the GYE – Adaptive Action Plan Nov 2015 (9.24 MB pdf)
Whitebark Pine Strategy for the Greater Yellowstone Area (1.9 MB pdf)
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Whitebark Pine Committee Charter 2006 (94 kB pdf)

Whitebark Pine – Wilderness in the GYA.—2006 (3.3 MB pdf) National Park Service


Planting whitebark pine after the Mille Fire on the Custer Gallatin National Forest
Shoshone and Bridger-Teton National Forests: Planting whitebark pine after the Purdy and Hardscrabble Fires
Greater Yellowstone Area -Wide – Caging, Collecting and cleaning whitebark pine cones for seed extraction and seedling production and spraying insecticide on whitebark pine superior trees:
Seed orchard establishment, maintenance, and monitoring – Gallatin National Forest: