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Climate Change Adaptation

Glacier indexing, Shoshone NF Credit: Jeff VanLooy


The mission of the GYA Climate Change Adaptation Subcommittee is to integrate land managers, scientists, and other subject matter experts across multiple disciplines to facilitate discussion and encourage study efforts to best understand, manage, and assist adaptation to changes associated with a changing climate. The subcommittee consists of interdisciplinary agency program managers and specialists from the GYCC units as well as from the NPS Inventory and Monitoring Program, the Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, and National Park Service and Forest Service Regional Offices.



Chair - Ann Rodman, Yellowstone National Park,


The GYA Climate Explorer: For each of seven climate variables, the GYA Climate Explorer compares the average of historic (1916 – 2006) climate values to a mid-century (2030 – 2059) projection with:

  • historic and mid-century maps with a slider bar to compare the two

  • a delta map showing change for each pixel value

  • and a bar graph or pie chart showing a comparison of the historic and mid-century values

Climate Analyzer for the GYA: Make custom graphs and tables with data that is updated every 24 hours from these sources:

  • National Weather Service COOP Network

  • Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)

  • NRCS Snow-Telemetry (SNOTEL)

  • USGS Stream Gage

Greater Yellowstone Climate Assessment: Past, Present, and Future Climate Change in Greater Yellowstone Watersheds

Greater Yellowstone Climate-Aquatics Workshop: Report from the April 27–29, 2021, Climate-Smart Conservation Workshop.

GYCC-Fisheries Subcommittee Project Checklist (PDF) (Word)

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