Sustainable Operations

Sustainability within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: a 15 minute Video with subtitles featuring each GYCC manager offering suggestions for agency employees to reduce resource consumption. Produced and Directed by JenTen Productions.


The Sustainable Operations Subcommittee (SOS) facilitates overall coordination and collaboration of sustainable operations practices throughout the public lands of the GYA, such as water and energy conservation, fleet and transportation management, and waste prevention and recycling.

SOS partners include representatives from each GYCC unit and the Forest Service’s Northern and Rocky Mountain Regional Offices.

To learn more, you can find the most recent subcommittee overview presentation HERE.

GYA Xeriscaping GuideGreater Yellowstone Area Xeriscaping – A Guide for Landscaping with Less Water (7 MB pdf) – Tailored specifically to the Greater Yellowstone Area, this handbook can be used by landowners, nurseries, garden shops, realtors or anyone who wants to landscape in a way that will use less water. The brochure may be printed out double sided for easy reference and use.

Disclaimer – These landscaping methods are not Firewise Compliant, however you can learn more about wildfire preparedness HERE.


Committee Chairs

Margaret Wilson, Grand Teton NP



Lynn Chan, Yellowstone NP




Action Plan Preparation

GYA Interagency Working Session on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: April 19 – 22, 2010 in Bozeman, MT

Overall  Facilities  Fleet  Scope 3
Agenda – Overall (March 2 version) (392 kB pdf) Agenda – Facilities Track (545 kB pdf) Agenda – Fleet Track (542 kB pdf) Agenda -Scope 3 Track (539 kB pdf)
Day 1 Opening Presentation Fiebig (1.5 MB pdf) Facilities Presentation
Day 1
 (2 MB pdf)
Day Fleet Track Introduction (1.1 MB) Scope 3 Day1-kickoff (393 kB pdf)
Day 1 Footprinting for Futurists Patterson  (6.9 MB pdf) Facilities Presentation Day 2 (1.4 MB pdf) Day GHG Calculations and Management IN PROGRESS (1.4 MB pdf) Scope 3 Day 2 Travel (1.2 MB pdf)
Day 1 Tracks Overview NREL (2.2 MB pdf) Renewable Energy Technologies  (6.7 MB pdf) Day Review of Past GYA Inventory Data and Results (1.9 MB pdf) Scope 3 Day 2 Vendor (585 kB pdf)
Day 3 PPA REC Presentation Kandt (2 MB pdf) Facilities GHG Reduction Measures (xls file) Emerging Fleet Technologies (1.1 MB pdf) Scope 3 Day 2 Visitor  (525 kB pdf)
Day 4 GYA Wide Projects and Barriers NREL and Units (687 kB pdf) Fleet lifecycle cost tool for GYA working session (1.2 MB pdf) Scope3 Day2 Waste (628 kB pdf)
Day 4 Water and Energy Kandt (1.1 MB pdf) GSA Presentation  (382 kB pdf)
GYA Interagency Working Session Contact List (314 kB pdf) Hudgins GY Working Session Alternative Fuels & Infrastructure  (1.2 MB pdf)
Working Session Evaluation (172 kB pdf) NOTES Behavior and Cultural Changes (143 kB pdf)
NOTES Fleet Ideas (271 kB pdf)
Optimization Brief GYA 04 19 10 (728 kB pdf)
Tool Design Specs 3 2010 (435 kB pdf)
Yellowstone GHG workshop-Fleet (7,8 MB pdf)


Preparation Webinars: Fleet, Facilities, and Scope 3 Emissions

Project Coordinator Mike Fiebig hosted a series of webinars in preparation for the April, 2010 GYA Interagency Working Session.  The webinars and associated forms are posted below.  Contact Mike at  Phone: 406-587-6755


Greenhouse Gas 101 (4.6 MB pdf): A Greenhouse Gas Primer and the GYA Inventory and Reduction Plan.

Fleet Assessment & Analysis Webinar, Part I (2.6 MB pdf) (February 11, 2010)

Fleet Assessment & Analysis Webinar, Part II (2.8 MB pdf) (March 30, 2010)

Facilities Webinar, Part I (2 MB pdf) (February 25, 2010)

Facilities Webinar, Part II (1.7 MB) (March 25, 2010)

Scope 3 Emissions Webinar, Part I (2 MB pdf) (February 18, 2010)

Scope 3 Emissions Webinar, Part II (981 kB pdf) (March 19, 2010)


Fleet Data Collection Sheet (189 kB pdf)

Facilities Data Collection Sheet (589 kB pdf)

Facilities Energy Audit Data Collection Sheet (540 kB pdf)

Scope 3 Workbook (xls file)




GYA Sustainability Projects (1.4 MB pdf)

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

The GYCC agencies recently completed a GYA-wide GYA-wide Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action Plan (13.1 MB pdf) to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Overall, the Plan predicts a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of between 21% and 36% by 2020 from the inventory year of 2007.

Action Plan

Sustainability Across Boundaries: Greater Yellowstone Area Climate Action Plan 2011 (2.2 MB pdf)

Implementation Tools

A number of spreadsheet tools were developed by Matt Schultze (U.S. Forest Service) to measure greenhouse gas emission reductions from various actions, including every day activities such as turning off your computer at night and properly inflating vehicle tires.

Action Spreadsheet Tool Documentation
Computer On or Off Computer On or Off Tool (xls file)
Tire Pressure Tire Pressure Tool (xls file) Tire Pressure Education (159 kB pdf)
Smart Power Strip Smart Power Strip Tool (xls file) Smart Power Strips (119 kB pdf)
Occupancy Sensor Light Switch Occupancy Sensor Light Switch Tool (xls file) Installing Occupancy Sensors Light Switch (61 kB pdf)
Lights Upgrade Lights Upgrade Tool (xls file)
Vehicle Upgrade Vehicle Upgrade Tool (xls file)
Electric Car Electric Car Calculator (xls file)
Trip Cost Trip Cost Tool (xls file)
Gallatin Gas Challenge (12 month) Gallatin Gas Challenge (xls file)