Greater Yellowstone Hydrology

The Greater Yellowstone Hydrology Subcommittee supports coordinated watershed data set management, stream channel monitoring, restoration and management, water quality, quantity and rehabilitation programs. The team of National Forest, National Park and BLM hydrologists serves as technical advisors to the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee.

To learn more, you can find the most recent subcommittee overview HERE.

Subcommittee Chair:

Louis Wasniewski
Caribou-Targhee NF



Hydrologists Team Meetings 2007 – 2010

2010April 2010 Greater Yellowstone Hydrologists Meeting Notes (100 kB pdf)

2009April 2009 Greater Yellowstone Hydrologists Meeting Notes (169 kB pdf)

2008February 2008 Greater Yellowstone Hydrologists Meeting Notes (108 kB pdf)

2007February 2007 Greater Yellowstone Hydrologists Annual Winter Meeting Notes (86 kB pdf)


Watershed Map