2017 Project Selection Letter and List of Projects

2017 Selected Projects List (391 kB PDF)

The GYCC typically makes about $250,000 available annually for projects submitted by any of the GYCC units. From 2008 to 2016, the GYCC has awarded over $2 million dollars to on-the-ground projects implemented across the GYA. Partnership funds and in-kind support has resulted in more greatly nurtured relationships between GYCC units.  The selected projects represent work that advances the goals and priorities of the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee.

Current Priority Issues

  • Ecosystem Health
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Connect People to the Land
  • Protect the Integrity of the Greater Yellowstone Landscape

Project Criteria

  • Strategic fit: How well does the project address GYCC priorities?
  • Application: How well does the project advance goals for the entire GYA ecosystem versus a single unit?
  • Leverage resources: How well does the project incorporate partnerships and leverage resources?
  • GYCC Awareness: How well does this project increase public awareness of the cross-boundary coordination of the GYCC and subcommittees?

 2017 Project Call Letter and Attachments

Schedule for 2017 GYCC Projects

Project Call Letter Released—April 15, 2016
Submission Deadline—June 3, 2016
Subcommittees Complete Evaluation and Ranking of Projects—June 24, 2016
Approval of Projects by GYCC—Summer 2016
Disbursement of 2016 Funds—After December 1, 2016