2012 Selected Projects (455 kB pdf)

2012 Project Reports

Project Type Project Name Location
Air Quality Air Pollution Critical Load Development—GYA Deposition Maps (292 kB pdf)
Project delayed until 2014
Climate Change Downscaled GYA Regional Climate Model Data-Set (299 kB pdf) GYA
Model, Monitor Climate Impacts on GYA Aquatic Ecosystems: Al-Chokhachy and Cary Detailed Report (3.7 MB pdf) GYCC Project Report Form (372 kB pdf) GYA
Connect People to Land Bear Creek Natural Resources Field Camp (1.4 MB pdf) Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF
Outdoor/Natural Social Media with Public Service Announcement (Project Cancelled) GYA
Fisheries GYA-Wide Native Fish Distribution/Status Surveys and Response Actions:
Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF (339 kB pdf);
Bridger-Teton NF (362 kB pdf);
Gallatin NF (378 pdf):
Caribou-Targhee NF (285 kB pdf);
Shoshone NF (289 kB pdf);
Yellowstone NP (287 kB pdf)
GYA units
Invasive Species GYA Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention/Outreach Activities and  Inventory/Monitoring: Montana  (339 kB pdf); Bridger-Teton NF (362 kB pdf); Caribou-Targhee NF (299 kB pdf); Shoshone NF (289 kB pdf); Grand Teton NP (288 kB pdf); Yellowstone NP (287 kB pdf) GYA units
AIS Prevention and Outreach Activities- Targeted Angler Outreach (294 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Wide Weed Mapping Support (329 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Noxious Weed Control Days Grand Teton NP
Inventory/Mapping Support – Fill Holes in GYA Weed Database Coverage (285 kB pdf) Gallatin NF
GYA Education Publications/Printing (287 kB pdf) GYA
Weed Database Transfer to Forest Service NRIS Invasives Database (285 kB pdf) GYA
Sustainable Operations Water Conservation through Conversion to Low-Flow Fixtures (287 kB pdf) Grand Teton NP
Historic Buildings Energy and Water Consumption Assessments: Gardiner Ranger Station, Gallatin NF (2.3 MB pdf); Sheridan Work Center, Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF (464 kB pdf) Gallatin NF;
Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF
Water Quality and Flow Dam Site Inventory–Compile existing info on potential sites: pending GYA
Watershed Condition Class (WCC) for YNP, GTNP, NER and RRL and Watershed Condition Class (WCC) maps for GYA (1.3 MB pdf) GYA
Reference Multiple Indicator Monitoring Stream Surveys (372 kB pdf) Caribou-Targhee NF
Whitebark Pine GYA Whitebark Pine Seed Orchard and Test Site (189 kB pdf) GYA
Whitebark Pine Strategy Data Management, Database Establishment and Support (295 kB pdf) GYA
Hill Creek Prescribed Fire Whitebark Pine Restoration (6 MB pdf) Caribou-Targhee NF
Cooke City Whitebark Pine Thinning and Monitoring (287 kB pdf) Gallatin NF
Tree Fight Verbenone Deployment (283 kB pdf) Bridger-Teton NF
Wildlife Amphibian Monitoring Plan Development and Implementation (493 kB pdf) Bridger-Teton NF