2010 Project Reports

Project Type Project Name Location
Air Quality Air Quality Data Analysis and Report GTR-248WWW 2010 (1.9 kB pdf) Southern GYA
Climate Change Climate Change and Watershed Sensitivity Analysis (14 kB pdf) Gallatin NF
Connect People to Land Bear Creek Natural Resources Field Camp (266 kB pdf) Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF
Fisheries GYA-Wide Native Fish Distribution/Status Surveys and Response Actions  (17 kB pdf) GYA
Invasive Species GYA Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Outreach Activities (178 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Aquatic Invasive Species Inventory and Monitoring (199 kB pdf) GYA
“Holding the Line” Leafy Spurge Control (2.2 MB pdf) GYA
GYA Wide Weed Mapping Support (45 kB pdf) GYA
Landscape Integrity Reeb Estate Acquisition (191 kB pdf)
Vicinity Map  (386 kB pdf)
Cooke City, MT area
Gallatin and Custer NFs
Sustainable Operations Water Conservation through Conversion to Low-Flow Fixtures (117 kB pdf) Several GYA locations
Historic Buildings Energy Savings and Water Consumption Assessments:
Red Rock Lakes NWR
Rock Creek and Meyers Creek (Custer NF) (1.2 MB pdf)
Three GYA locations
Whitebark Pine Whitebark Pine Seed Orchard (11 kB pdf) GYA
Whitebark Pine Protection – Carbaryl Treatment (84 kB pdf) GYA
Survey High Priority Whitebark Pine Restoration Sites (549 kB pdf) GYA
Wildlife Pika Occupancy and Distribution (924 kB pdf) GYA
Carnivore Linkage Assessment Report Pending GYA