2009 Selected Projects (110 kB pdf)

2009 Project Reports

Project Type Project Name Location
Air Quality Air Quality Data Analysis and Report (967 kB pdf) Southern GYA
Climate Change November 2009 Science Agenda Workshop for Climate Change, Land Use Change, and Invasive Species (14 kB pdf) GYA
Connect People to Land After the Fire: Place-based Learning about Fire’s Role in GYA Ecosystem (2 MB pdf) GYA
Student Leaders—Yellowstone Ecology Program (11 kB pdf) Gallatin NF and Yellowstone NP
Fisheries Yellowstone Cutthroat Stronghold 10-Year Survey GYCC Report (11 kB pdf)

Caribou-Targhee NF Yellowstone Cutthroat Conservation Actions 2009 (1.5 MB pdf)

Caribou-Targhee NF, Idaho
Invasive Species 2009 AIS Cooperative Accomplishment Report, detail on AIS projects (129 kB pdf)
GYA Aquatic Invasive Species Education and Marketing Campaign (10 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Outreach Activities (10 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Aquatic Invasive Species Risk Assessment (10 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Wide Weed Mapping Support (65 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Weed Sand and Gravel Pit Inspection Program Report pending  GYA
Continental Divide Invasive Weed Barrier Zone (43 kB pdf) Centennial Mountains area, MT/ID
Monitoring for Improved Efficiencies in Terrestrial Invasive Species Management. Report pending GYA
Landscape Integrity Reeb Estate Acquisition (337 kB pdf)
Vicinity Map (386 kB pdf)
Project Area Map (116 kB pdf)
Cooke City, MT area
Rural Land Use Planning and Wildlife Conservation in Madison Valley, MT (41 kB pdf) Ennis, MT area
Sustainable Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction (12 kB pdf) GYA
Water Conservation through Conversion to Low-Flow Fixtures (30 kB pdf) Several GYA locations
Plastic Recycling Pilot and Education (452 kB pdf) Ennis, MT area
Whitebark Pine Whitebark Pine Cone Collection (167 kB pdf) GYA
Whitebark Pine Scion Collection (76 kB pdf) GYA
Whitebark Pine Restoration Strategy (2 MB pdf) Completed May 2011 GYA
GYA Whitebark Pine Monitoring (18 kB pdf) GYA
Wildlife GYA Species on the Brink Assessment Status Report w/o appendices GYA
Jackson Hole Sage Grouse Population Demographics, Distribution and Critical Habitat (13 kB pdf) Jackson, WY area
Teton Range Bighorn Sheep, Winter Use Component (53 kB pdf) Teton Range, WY
Pika Occupancy and Distribution (55 kB pdf) Grand Teton, Yellowstone NPs