2008 Selected Projects (158 kB pdf)

2008 Project Reports

Project Type Project Name Location
Climate Change Prehistory Study and Interpretation—Ice Patch Monitoring (23 kB pdf) Beartooth/Absaroka Mtns, MT
Fisheries Colorado Cutthroat Trout Surveying (25 kB pdf) Green River drainage, WY
Upper Yellowstone/Missouri Cutthroat Mapping, Monitoring and Restoration (645 kB pdf) Multiple Montana Streams
Yellowstone Cutthroat Inventory and Sage Creek Cutthroat Reintroduction (25 kB pdf) Red Lodge; Pryor Mountains, MT
Soda Butte Creek Cutthroat Trout Restoration Project (4.6 MB pdf) NE Yellowstone NP, WY and MT
Invasive Species Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Education and Inspection (22 kB pdf) (Bridger-Teton NF) Jackson, WY area
Aquatic Nuisance Species Education and Inspection (27 kB pdf) (Grand Teton NP) Jackson, WY area
Mobile Aquatic Invasive Species Washer Crew (26 kB pdf) West Yellowstone, MT area
Continental Divide No-Weed Barrier Zone (46 kB pdf) Medicine Lodge, ID area
Upper Stillwater River Weed Management (16 kB pdf) Nye, MT area
Prescribed Fire Monitoring to Study Conversion to Invasive Species (49 kB pdf) Shoshone NF, WY
Weed Sand and Gravel Pit Inspection Program (26 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Wide Weed Mapping/GIS (2.6 MB pdf) GYA
Land Patterns Reeb Estate Acquisition  (1.9 MB pdf)
Vicinity Map
Project Area Map (120 kB pdf)
Cooke City, MT area
Recreation Winter Use Monitoring—Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF (94 kB pdf) Ennis/West Yellowstone, MT area
Winter Use Monitoring—Bridger-Teton NF (31 kB pdf) Attachments (1.8 MB pdf) Bridger-Teton NF, WY
Winter Use Monitoring—Caribou-Targhee NF (108 kB pdf) Ashton, Island Park, ID area
Winter Use Monitoring – Gallatin NF – report pending Gallatin NF, MT
Winter Use Monitoring – Shoshone NF – report pending Shoshone NF, WY
Sustainable Operations Energy Conservation Green Plan Implementation (21 kB pdf) Ennis, MT
Sustainable Operations Program—Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (21 kB pdf) GYA
Sustainable Operations Program—Propane Cylinder Recycling Bins Phase II (25 kB pdf) GYA
Vegetation Aspen Change Detection Mapping (33 kB pdf) Targhee NF, ID
Floristic Study of North Absaroka, Gallatin, Beartooth Mountains (812 kB pdf) Beartooth/Absaroka Mtns, MT, WY
Whitebark Pine Whitebark Pine Inventory and Preservation of Native Mycorrhizal Fungi (38 kB pdf) Yellowstone NP, WY
Whitebark Pine Regeneration Post 1988 Fires (235 kB pdf) Beartooth/Absaroka Mtns, MT, WY
Whitebark Pine Restoration Strategy for Caribou-Targhee NF (25 kB pdf) Caribou-Targhee NF, ID
GYA Whitebark Pine Map Update, Risk Categories, Restoration Prioritization (30 kB pdf) GYA
GYA Whitebark Pine Monitoring (23 kB pdf) GYA
Wildlife Jackson Hole Sage Grouse Study (381 kB pdf) Jackson, WY area
Grizzly Bear Food Storage Order Signing (4.9 MB pdf) Caribou-Targhee NF, ID
Teton Range Bighorn Sheep Evaluation of Genetic Status and Parasite Loads (23 kB pdf)
Fall 2008 Update (395 kB pdf)
Teton Range, WY